About the Site

So you may be wondering how Disney Parks and video games go together. Well there are two main reasons why:

1. I Love Both: I want to write on a blog where I can write about stuff I feel passionate about.

2. Unique Entertainment: Disney Parks and  video games are both very unique forms of entertainment.

Why is it called The Four Parks? 
The blog is called The Four Parks in reference to the four parks of Walt Disney World. the web address is The Four Parks and more to show that is not just a Disney website. It also can work as a parody to Nintendo's 3 pillar strategy but it is mostly about the four theme parks.

Do you write more about gaming or Disney?
I try to write about both but it changes because one week a big game may be released so it tends to be all video games or big news comes out of Walt Disney World and then the rest of the posts that week are also about WDW.
Reader interaction is important at The Four Parks:
Leave a comment about anything and I'll respond. Leaving comments help the site grow its own community so feel free to interact.