Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Four Parks Update and Possible Name Change or Closure

Okay I'm in need of some help. Recently the website has become mostly gaming related and I was wondering what you readers may think of going solely gaming with a few non game things thrown in for good taste. Also if I do that I'm going to have to redesign the logo and I will change the color scheme. Also If I want to change the name I will have to buy a custom domain or else I will lose readers coming hear from  thefourparksandmore.blogspot.com URL. Also with that domain I need a new name and I don't don't what something Nintendo related could be. Please tell me what you think. Big changes may be coming but I'm going to take it slowly. I used to average at around 400-500 views a month but now it is over 1000. One last thing, I'm not sure I want to continue working on this blog and I a feeling a little lost. I'm not really sure if anyone likes this blog so I'm thinking of just Any advice would be helpful and thank-you for your continued readership.

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  1. As much as I enjoy Disney-related things, I support the change to a mostly gaming blog. But the choice is really yours, blogging is about writing what you want to write about. Don't force yourself to write about stuff you don't enjoy, your articles will suffer.

    Nintendo related (just randomly guessing Nintendo things haha): Zelda's Oasis? The Coin Block? Life in Nintendo Land?

    I'm bad at this haha. I like your blog, I'll keep reading either this one or any new one you make.