Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Opinion of the Week: Disney World Restaurants: Food or Atmosphere?

Should this Really Cost $30?
When you go to eat at Walt Disney World do you want great food, or a great experience? I'm not really sure what I want, I think it all depends on what kind of restaurant it is and where it is located. If I'm eating at counter service, good chance the only reason I'm there is because if I don't eat I could suffocate in the ever so present Florida Sun. So I am looking for a good atmosphere to compensate for the fact that I'm not on an attraction, or more likely in an attraction's Que. So why is it that Counter Service Restaurants are always trying to get a better variety of food when all I'm doing is looking for something to eat. If I want great food all go to a sit down restaurant. Is there a balance? Does there need to be a balance? Or am I just crazy?


  1. I think balance is a great idea. I, like you, think it depends. If I am starving and craving something, I feel like I'd focus more on the food.

    However, I always answer this question with atmosphere. I live far, far away from WDW and have only been 2 times in my life. I can get good food anywhere, but nowhere else can I eat with characters I love so much. No one else can create atmosphere and environment like Disney can.

    Give me a plain burger and fries any day as long as I am enjoying the whole experience.

  2. I think Disney realizes that not everyone wants the same food but they do not know how to fix that problem.