Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour Review

Dreamcast Cover

 The Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (mouthful of a name) was a fun game and graphically impressive for its time. It was available on both Sony Playstation [ps1] and Sega Dreamcast. There was also a 2d handheld version for the Gameboy Color. though the game in many ways was just another Mario Kart rip off. it had its own special features that made it unique. the main reason being the tracks.
Game Boy Color version was not a looker
      The player would race through various attractions to fix some fireworks machine. I could care less about the story in this game, today for me it is somewhat generic cookie cutter type story.
when i was little it was just annoying text and cut-scenes to get through. so when it comes to story it is no Zelda or Mass Effect. It's more like a Pac-man. The gameplay is quite solid even though every item in the game is in Mario kart. Instead of banana peels there are teacups. instead of bullet bills there are rockets. The cast of playable characters is really weird. the game stars Chip and Dale but all the other characters were made for the game, except for Jiminy Cricket. You would think they would use real Disney characters. I think they have at least a couple characters to use. Like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, you may have heard of them. Playing the game was always a fun experience with music and other audio from the rides. The load screens were really annoying and sometimes you would have to reset the system. In total the game was fun for what it was but would hardly be considered the greatest game of all time.

Menu Screen

My Rating: 7/10

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