Friday, September 30, 2011

Gizmondo or N-Gage: Either Way You Don't Win

Here are some videos of arguably the two worst game systems of all time. First the Gizmondo:

There were a few major problems with the Gizmondo. Two of the most notable ones is that it was way to expensive. You could get it for either $400, or $229 and be forced to watch three advertisements a day on it. If you were a poor soul who bought the system for the $400 there was no point since the advertisements never appeared. Also for some reason the service was called Smart Adds with ads spelled wrong. The other major issue was that one of the executives behind the system was involved with a mafia in Sweden. To be fair to the Gizmondo the N-Gage was also an incredibly terrible system. It was made by Nokia and was shaped like a taco. There was the problem of a weird screen and having to remove the battery to change the game.

So both were not so great. Lets just be thankful that there is the 3DS and the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

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