Friday, October 14, 2011

The Blog Continues...

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This blog has been plugging away for awhile. I first started posting on it it had a VERY small number of people visit it, 602 I only recently started blogging consistently and plan to keep it that way. So after that first post in July the numbers were better for the next few months up til now. When blogging the comments really help me keep writing but they are so few and far between. So I'm asking you to become more involved. Ask questions in the comments or tell me why my opinions are good or bad. I have made commenting very easy. You can do it with your name, many different accounts like google, or just anonymously if you don't want the world to here what you have to say. The best part is is that there is no CAPTCHA. You can see what CAPTCHA hereSo start leaving comments or asking questions, I  always respond. So get interactive and suggest what you want me to write about, good chance I will, or ask a question and if I have an in-depth answer I'll make a post out of it. Until next time...

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