Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

Spider-Man: Edge of the Time on the 3DS is a great games that showcases how far narrative experiences have come in games, and how the 3DS can have a great multi-platform game and not a watered-down experience. You can read my review after the break.
The story of the game is somewhat complex. You play as the Amazing Spider-Man (Peter) and Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel). In the game the the villain Sloan from the future travels back in time to make his company Alchemax more successful and himself more rich. Sloan alters the timeline causing Peter to have had a different past and having him be killed. Both Amazing and 2099 Spidey set out to stop this from happening. The game starts off with the tutorial, but is done much better then in most games. The tutorial also serves as an epilogue and actually makes sense. After a cut scene that features great voice acting you see the opening credits while playing the game as shown in this video:

That video is from the 360 version but the 3DS version looks very similar and holds up quite nicely. The game controls well, but has camera troubles at some times. The combat is fun and the 3D effect is effective. This game could be a dark horse of the 3DS library.

My Rating: 7/10

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