Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Reasons Why Mario Kart 7 is (Going to be) Awesome

Super Mario 3D Land is out so that is all for big 3DS games this year right? Wrong! Mario Kart 7 is coming out soon, December to be exact, so here is a list of 10 reasons why Mario Kart 7 will be awesome. Usually I try to stay away from list type articles but I thought this would be the best way of writing this particular post. You can see the 10 reasons after the break 

1. It Uses Mii Characters: This will be the second entry in the series to allow use of Mii characters and it provides an almost endless amount of character to play as. That means I can race alongside Mickey Mouse and Mario!

Count Mii In!

2. You Can Customize Your Kart: The new kart creator feature allows you to tailor-make how you want to drive. 

3. Underwater: Now your kart can travel underwater. Your not just a landlubber anymore!

4. Glide: Now you can fly with your kart. Take to the sky in a Nintendo game that isn't Pilotwings.

5. Old Tracks With New Tricks: Old courses have been updated to not only take advantage of the 3D but let you glide and dive through them as well. 

6. Expansive Online: This game allows you to find a community to join and compete against the other members. It also uses SpotPass and downloads ghost data automatically which you can receive  in the Mario Kart Channel then race in the game. It also takes advantage of StreetPass.

7. First Person View: You can now race in first person while controlling it by tilting the system or just using the circle pad.

8. Official Site: You can find all sorts of information right from the horse's mouth by clicking here.

9. New and Old Items: Plenty of classic items along with new items like the Super Leaf and Fire Flower.

10. It Comes Out in 2011: In less then one year of the 3DS's release it receive a Mario Kart game along with a Super Mario game and plenty of other fantastic ones like Tetris Axis and two fine remakes of classic N64 games.

Are you buying Mario Kart 7? After reading this I don't see how you couldn't. Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on Mario Kart 7.

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