Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Steel Diver is One of the Best 3DS Games You've Never Played

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 The dark horse of 3DS games

Steel Diver was one of the Nintendo 3DS launch titles. This title had been in development for multiple years and was first shown at E3 during the unveiling of the DS.

The game was scheduled to come out on the DS but was switched to the 3DS to take advantage of the 3D effect. I'm not going to write too much about the development history but you can read about it by clicking here. This game got at best mixed reviews. But I really like it because it is a change of pace. It offered a unique control scheme and a new kind of game and I appreciated that. Some people say their is not much content but I would disagree because of its Steel Commander mode, Time Trials, and an unlockable higher difficulty. What I think makes this game special is that with this game special on the 3DS is that it rounds out a group of experiences.  What I mean is that you can explore the land in a kart (Mario Kart 7), fly your own plane (Pilotwings Resort), travel through space (Star Fox 64 3D) and of course take an adventure underwater in Steel Diver. If you own a 3DS I recommend you give this game a chance. If you don't, think about picking up a copy if you get one along with the two Mario games.

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