Thursday, November 10, 2011

Opinion of the Week: Why Disney Needs to Change the Name of Advance Dining Reservations

Okay this week on the not so weekly Opinion of the Week I want to tell you about my problem with the the name Disney uses for restaurant reservations: Advanced Dining Reservations. You may think this seems nit-picky but guess what, you are right. This is the most stupid thing to complain about yet it bothers me so much. My problem is that Advanced Dining Reservations is such a redundant name. by saying reservations it means it is in advance. So the name implies that you are making reservations just to have the chance to make reservations. "So what Disney has a reason, quit complaining" you are probably saying to yourself. Well what reason is it? Do they thing the average guest does not know what it means to make dining reservations? Are they questioning my intelligence. I don't know but something is going on and I want to know why. Leave a comment and tell me what you think Am I crazy? Am I right? Or is this pointless? Whatever your thoughts are leave a comment.

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