Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

With Super Mario 3D Land coming so soon, I thought this would be an ideal time to review the last 3D Mario game.
Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, is a great game. While it may not win awards for creative names, it is deserving of all the praise for the game's originality. Super Mario Galaxy 2 manages to change your thoughts on what a game can be while wowing you with its beautiful visuals and stunning music. Here is a video of one of the recording sessions:

From a gameplay standpoint this game defies what you think is possible in a game. For example some levels challenge you with shifting fields of gravity:

The game also bring in many different power ups and the ability to ride Yoshi which changes how many levels are completed. The game is not light on content. To finish the game you need to get around 70 stars to go on to the final boss battle with Bowser. To completely finish you need 120 stars. After finding all 120 stars you are really only done with half the game since green stars are added. In total there are 242 stars. Collecting all will insure a 100% completion. This game is a must have if you own a Wii and a reason to purchase one if you don't already. This game manages to do everything right while being challenging but not frustrating and just an all-around mind-blowing experience.

My Score: 10/10

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