Saturday, September 11, 2010

Attraction Spotlight: Monsters, INC. Laugh Floor

The Monsters, INC Laugh Floor opened in 2007 replacing the previous show/ride The Timekeeper.  It is located in the Magic Kingdom in Tommorowland. This show follows Mike Wazowski as the MC of a comedy show starring monsters. Mike must reach his quota of laughter or he will be fired by Roz. The Monsters on screen interact with the guests similar to The Seas With Nemo and Friends' Turtle Talk with Crush. The Que is wonderfully themed with a door that takes you into the monster city name Monstropolis similar to the movie. The actual show area feels like a comedy club, except in a monster world. The technology behind the show allows guests to interact with the monsters through Disney's living character initiative. Guests can also text a joke to the show and if they are lucky it might be told during the show. One guest is picked as "that guy" who will be referred to as that guy many times during the show and then at the end will receive a sticker that says "I was that guy." All around the show is entertaining, and is a good place to sit down and get out of the hot sun


  1. This is one of my family's favorite attractions. They really do a nice job of improvising comedy material throughout the show. It really feels like a comedy show. My father-in-law was "that guy" on our last trip. It was hysterical.

  2. Yes, it is a great show, one of my family members was picked to be Sulley and it was hilarious