Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opinion of the Week: The Loss of Orginal Attractions

Nemo is great but do we need a ride and a show about him?
What ever happened to attractions that are not based on a T.V. show or movie? I have asked that question to myself on many occasions. I was inspired by other bloggers and podcasters who have complained about this before. Today I want to share my opinion on this matter. Is there not enough original attractions being made any more that are not based on any movie or T.V. show? Yes. Is that a terrible thing. In my opinion no. The Walt Disney Company was built on movies and cartoons involving well developed characters. If Walt Disney had not made those movies we would not have the Walt Disney Company or Disneyland or Walt Disney World. That being said I do not mind attractions being based on movies as long as they are good. In my opinion attractions and shows based on movies in the parks are not terrible, but we need a better balance of these two types of entertainment in the parks, that being movie rides and non-movie rides.

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