Sunday, September 19, 2010

Opinion of the Week: Disney Dining Plan

Do these taste better with the dining plan?
No, but they might cost less. 

This week I am going to discuss my opinions on the Disney Dining Plan. The Disney Dining Plan is an extra cost where you prepay for your meals. Each day you get three credits: one snack credit, one counter service credit, and one table service credit. Disney states that you can save up to 30 % on meals with this plan. Here is my opinion. The Disney Dining plan is good if you take advantage of it. If all you are planning on eating is mickey ice-cream bars and turkey legs, than this is not worth it. If you are going to make reservations for expensive restaurants that are on the dining plan then this is a good deal. The most important thing to do when deciding whether to get the Disney Dining Plan is look at your plans for your vacation and see whether it is worth it or not. Either way, you will still be able to enjoy the great food at Walt Disney World even if you do not use the dining plan.

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