Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disney Movies: Bolt

Let me be honest for a second, we all know we can not just go to Walt Disney World whenever we want to go. So what is a Disney fan supposed to do to get their Disney fix? Watch a Disney movie of course! This week I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Disney movies that happens to be one of the most underrated Disney movies of all time, Bolt. Bolt is the story of a dog named Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) who is the star of a successful T.V. show. On the T.V. show Bolt plays a superhero dog. To get a realistic performance out of Bolt the producers rig up special effects that make him think he has superpowers.  When Bolt accidentally ends up in New York he must make it back to his owner Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus) but the problem is he thinks he has superpowers to help him along the way. On his journey he meets a cat named Mittens (voiced by Susie Essman), and a hamster named Rhino who is (voice by Mark Walton a story artist a Walt Disney Feature Animation) The movie is a great ride and is both funny and heartwarming. I highly recommend you watch this movie.

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