Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney Parks: The Secrets, Stories and Magic Behind the Scenes

I recently picked up a copy of Disney Parks: The Secrets, Stories and Magic Behind the Scenes. This is a six disc DVD set all about the Disney Parks, really only being Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Cruise Line. The set is fifty dollars but you can find it for less on amazon or at Best Buy. For anyone like me who does not have the convenience of being able to go down at least once a year, this DVD set is a good way to get your Disney fix. Here is a list of what is on each disc:

Disc One: Walt Disney World Resort: Behind the Scenes

Disc Two: Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes

Disc Three: Ultimate Walt Disney World

Disc Four: Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disc Five: Disney Cruise Line

Disc Six: Undiscovered Disney Parks

Each special can be seen on the Travel Channel but these are updated and extended with more recent announcement and attractions. It also includes 10 special features though they could have been longer and better due to a lot of already well known information, or at least well known to Disney Fans In total I would recommend this DVD set.

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